STOP Putting Chemicals Into Your Body NOW! Read The Alternative Below…

Hello everyone!

The following is something I feel I must share. In fact, I feel I would be doing a MAJOR disservice if I didn’t. We all buy products like soap, shampoo, body wash, detergent, deodorant, creams, lotions, cleaning products, and toothpaste for ourselves & our families every single day. What a lot of us don’t realize is these products actually penetrate through our skin (largest organ in our body), and enter into our organs and bloodstream. Over time, this creates toxicity of the chemicals they use in these products in all of these body systems. Ewww!

Now, what if all of these products, plus more, came in an all natural form, with absolutely zero chemicals, and were not only completely safe, but also helped to restore your health to optimum level? Furthermore, what if you could get these products for LESS MONEY than what you’re currently spending each month? Wouldn’t you owe it to yourself & your family to make the ‘switch’?

Please contact me if you’re ready to STOP putting all of these chemicals into your and your families bodies. Yes, I’ve already made the switch!

It would be easier if you emailed me first with your phone number and let me know what days & times are most convenient for you. That way, I can call you back when it’s convenient for both of us, and we can get this done, as the process will take about a half hour.

To Your Health & Happiness… Let’s walk this path together!

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Part Two Of ‘What’s Causing Your Digestive Problems?’

I thought as a follow up, I would list some of the more common causes of what may be causing your digestive issues.

1. Candida (systemic yeast infection)

2. Lingering viral, bacterial, or parasitic infection

3. Heavy metal ‘poisoning’

4. Colon issues like Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Crohn’s (autoimmune), Colitis

4. Low body temperature (your body doesn’t produce enough enzymes to break down food & other toxins, which can create the above issues). This is the FIRST thing I look at. Take your temperature 30 minutes after awakening, before taking in any food or liquid. If it’s below 98.2, then chances are you are NOT producing enough digestive or systemic enzymes. This is a subset within a subset, as there can be many causes of this. But don’t worry… my job is to figure it out and get you better!

Jason Teichner, CNC, CHT

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What’s Causing Your Digestive Problems?

This is one of THE most important questions I need to address when I see clients for this issue (or all issues for that matter), or when I’m doing a lecture. Most natural health practitioners will simply tell you to do a colon cleanse, followed by enzymes, probiotics, and maybe some aloe vera. While this may work for some people, it will NOT work for most; at least not those things alone. This is because there are specific causes that go way deeper than being able to be fixed by just these methods.

Having said that, part of my job is to simplify sessions with my clients. Because of that, I make sure I get to the actual cause very quickly, and then let the client know what I suggest to help them heal at the deepest level. Now, believe it or not, even when there is a deep rooted cause, it still usually takes only A FEW natural therapies to completely heal.

If you find that YOU have a digestive issue of some kind, or any other health issue, give me a call or email me!

Jason Teichner, CNC, CHt

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Lot’s of health problems can be caused by this ONE mineral deficiency!

Did you know the vast majority of us do not get enough magnesium? Did you also know that magnesium actives over 325 different enzymes in the body? It’s no wonder so many health issues can be traced back to deficiency in the one VITAL mineral. We also need magnesium to properly break down calcium. When we take calcium by itself (except the algae form), it can build up in the system not getting to the proper parts of the body (bloodstream, bones, etc), and can actually create kidney stones and calcium DEFICIENCY.

I usually recommend 600- 750mg per day in divided doses (200- 250mg 3x/day), depending on weight. For further information, contact me on my website:

Most important vitamin, and you’re probably low in it!

A lot of us by now have heard that most of us are deficient in vitamin D. That alone can create massive health issues, or aggravate current ones. Just getting enough vitamin D alone, can greatly improve your overall health.

The first thing to do is go to the doctor and get your levels checked. An ideal vitamin D blood level is between 50 ng/ml – 80 ng/ml. Depending on how low you are, you may need different amounts as a supplement. I usually suggest 2000 IU per day as a strong maintenance dose, either in a liquid form (best) or softgel form with food. You will need more if you are low. Feel free to contact me once you get your levels checked, and I can suggest the amount I feel is best for you. I don’t like to list therapeutic doses on a public forum, due to vitamin D’s increase of blood calcium levels if you take too much over a long period of time, which can affect the parathyroid gland. Any further questions, let me know!

Jason Teichner, CNC, CHt

(818) 579-3434